Art Market

Welcome to my Studio Site...

This site uses a slideshow/slidesheet analogy which allows you to browse over 2000 digitally archived works I've created and documented. Over time, more will be added.

From the "Slide Galleries" section of the site, you can click on a thumbnail image to enter a "Grupo" slideshow.

What's a grupo? I've chosen to categorize my work by group, each group (in Italian/Spanish: Grupo) being related by Date, Media, or Subject.

From the slideshow, you can choose to view all works by clicking "view entire slidesheet". This option will work best over a fast connection, but should work just as well over a regular modem connection, albeit slowly.

Additionally, I've added several options to turn the site into a true "art market"...

From the slideshow, or slidesheet, you can choose to view details, larger image, and pricing.

Each work can be purchased online through a secure payment transaction.

And more...

From the slide detail area:

Dealers can inquire regarding pricing, additional information, or submit criticism.

Any image can be commissioned as an archival digital print.

Media and prices vary, as do limited/unlimited print runs. Prices vary.

Any image can be commissioned as a painting, because many of my drawings are studies for large scale paintings.

So surf around and enjoy...I hope to hear from you soon.

Fred Villanueva