Fred Villanueva
98 Greenwich St., Third Floor South   NY, NY  10006  Telephone: (917) 554-5286

Moved by art nouveau and the Italian Memphis movement, and with an entrepreneurial spirit, I drew my concept designs to serve as examples of what could be crafted in hand forged steel and wrought iron smithing. From rough concept sketches, I designed my line of steel furniture to bring creativity and flair into living spaces. My artist's approach to design yielded ideas and concepts for editioned, collectible furniture.

This portfolio exists entirely as concepts. If you are interested in commissioning a design, please click on the "commission design as product" option within the slideshow. As the nature of artistic production and collaboration with artisans is one of high attention to detail, and highly personal, a concept design can be commissioned, but not purchased - there is no item inventoried.

Contract Designed Beds can be made more readily available.

Beds are manufactured in standard sizes.

As with any product, quantity manufacture is essential.